Are you ready to embrace your own transformational healing journey of self-discovery?
Are you ready to embody your true authentic self and walk the path of unconditional love?
Are your ready to listen to the whispers of your soul?
Whatever has brought you here, trust that you have been divinely guided.

Hello and Welcome to Love Within!

My Journey


My name is Vickie.


Growing up I struggled to accept and love myself unconditionally. As an adult I experienced anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, anorexia, infertility, loss and trauma. These experiences challenged me, and gave me many gifts that have enabled me to walk the path I am on today.


My vision is to share the tools and techniques that I have learnt to guide, support and empower you and your children on your own transformational healing journey.


Honestly from the bottom of my heart, it would be an absolute honour and a blessing to connect with you.


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